KALÃ PAYANA | a journey in art


Being true to their vision, Udupa Foundation has taken initiative to start educational courses under the tutelage of eminent and emerging artists from across Bengaluru. Under this, there are a variety of activities that one can engage in.

Instrument and Dance Classes

The foundation teaches South Indian percussions (Mridangam, Ghatam, and Konnakol) and Dance (Bharathanatyam).



Outreach Programs

As part of this, the foundation organises and performs at various Government Institutes, NGO's, Corporates, and Wellness Centres to spread awareness about the classical art forms at large.

Master Classes and Workshops

To accentuate the learning at advanced levels and foster budding talent, the foundation brings together masters from various disciplines to conduct master classes, workshops and interactive sessions. The duration varies from day-long sessions to prolonged intensive camps.

Concert Series

Regularly, the foundation organises concerts at their facility for students and friends of the foundation to create an intimate listening experience.

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