KALÃ PAYANA | a journey in art

Ãrambha, the beginning...

The Udupa Foundation is a registered charitable trust founded Ghatam Giridhar Udupa in 2015, with the aim of promoting music, performing arts and culture. The Foundation deals primarily with the promotion of performing arts and culture.

Udupa Foundation, a passionate venture of internationally acclaimed artists from Bangalore, endeavors to take this truth many steps forward to make sure India's rich musical and performing arts inspire the future generations, continuing the traditions that have enriched our lives for centuries. The Foundation aims to drive a movement that will bring together art, artistes and art connoisseurs on a unique journey − the Kala Payana, of art and music.

The Foundation seeks to advance a concept of world art through creative collaborations to bring the best of various musical traditions that are present within all of us. To make this interface as inclusive as possible, Udupa Foundation will reach out through diverse platforms and activities: teach, support, promote, disseminate and heal through art forms.

A special focus would be on the rural youth who are eager to learn the finer aspects of our culture. Udupa Foundation would be the interface connecting the young in rural India with their urban counterpart.

Upasana, the pledge:

The inspiration for Udupa Foundation came from the work of Vidwan Ullur Nagendra Udupa who believed in imparting knowledge to all those keen to learn, irrespective of their financial or cultural backgrounds.

The Foundation intends to take this deeksha forward by opening, running and helping music schools, colleges and other music institutions. Realising that families of budding artistes are in dire need of economic support till such time the artistes are able to start earning decent incomes, the foundation Trust plans to help them.

Healing through music is a unique initiative of the Foundation as is organizing events and performances in rural areas. To overcome the restricted representation of music, Udupa Foundation plans to organise innovative concerts to aid students and rasikas to learn and appreciate classical music. There are also plans to preserve and promote extinct musical instruments and art forms.

Drishti, the goal:

Udupa Foundation has charted a long-term commitment to the world of art with these objectives:

  • Conceptualize and organize innovative public performances through national and international collaborations
  • Launch learning centres in rural and urban areas to create a stimulating environment for music and performing arts
  • Collaborate and research with selected Universities and schools across the globe
  • Recognise and reward artistes and other professionals in the field including critics, research scholars, and musical instrument makers
  • Create an online archive and build a rich knowledge bank of various aspects pertaining to Indian performing arts
  • Make the entire effort inclusive and ensure participation of artistes from rural areas and hold programmes in remote parts of the country
  • Ensure that music and culture is not beyond the reach of the underprivileged by awarding scholarships and helping them pursue education in performing arts
  • Heal through music by organizing events at rehabilitation centres and old age homes
  • Partner with other organisations keen on taking this pledge forward
  • Complete commitment to all performing arts
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